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Bagel Shop Gets Relief Thanks to Tax Credits

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Matt Grove
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Tax Credit Calculator

Tax Credit Calculator

Starting in 2010, up to 4 million small businesses that offer healthcare coverage to their employees may be eligible for a tax credit. In a few easy steps, small business owners can determine whether their business is eligible for a tax credit for offering healthcare coverage to your employees.

ACA Fact Sheets

Affordable Care Act Fact Sheets

Our in-depth fact sheets give detailed information about enrolling in the new health insurance marketplaces and other benefits the new healthcare law has for small business owners. The fact sheets detail how the new law impacts various demographics, as well:

- What’s in the Affordable Care Act for Small Businesses?
- Asian & Pacific Islander Small Business Owners
- African American Small Business Owners
- Women Small Business Owners
- The Self-Employed
- Young Small Business Owners
- Latino Small Business Owners
- LGBT Small Business Owners
- ¿Qué hay en la reforma de Cuidado de Salud para las empresas pequeñas?
- What's in the Affordable Care Act for Illinois Taxi Drivers


Healthcare Reform FAQ

In March 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, which tackles many of the problems small business owners face in the current healthcare system: skyrocketing costs and unpredictable premiums, lack of access to affordable coverage and choice among health plans, and administrative inconvenience and hassle. This comprehensive FAQ covers provisions in the law impacting small businesses owners.

Health Coverage Guide

Health Coverage Guide

This guide includes everything small business owners and their advisors need to know about offering health insurance in an easy to use step-by-step format. This online resource, provides small business owners with objective information on how to navigate the healthcare market since the passage of federal healthcare reform. California small businesses can find state-specific information here.

Actual Factual

Actual, Factual Information About Healthcare Reform

Publisher: Ascension Health and Small Business Majority

On March 23, Small Business Majority released an easy-to-use online resource called the “Actual Factual brochure,” which small business owners can use to learn how the 2-year-old healthcare reform law impacts their businesses. Developed and produced by Ascension Health, the brochure comes in an easy-to-use flipbook format that can also be accessed from most mobile devices, putting important information about the law right at your fingertips.


Clean Energy

Clean Energy Guides

Clean Energy Resource Guides

These resource guides are meant to provide suggestions to help improve small business owners’ bottom line, whether it is a body shop or a coffee shop—the guides outlines simple, low-cost tips to start saving money. Federal and state governments, public utility companies, and in some states, non-profit organizations offer incentives to help small businesses reduce energy costs, meet and exceed federal clean air standards and help our country achieve energy independence.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager® is an online tool small business owners can use to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Use it to benchmark the performance of one building or a whole portfolio of buildings, all in a secure online environment.

All you need are your energy bills and some basic information about your building to get started.







Minimum Wage


Freelance Economy

Minimum Wage

Rise of the Freelance Economy

Entrepreneurs create more jobs than any other sector of the economy, and they are in the vanguard of an evolving 21st century economy that is shaping America’s new employment landscape—one where brick-and-mortar storefronts are being replaced by online retailers, and freelancers and contractors are the new version of the 9-to-5 office worker.

This paper examines the impact of freelancers on the economy, how emerging technologies are paving the way for more people to work for themselves and how the U.S. can update broadband policies that address the needs of this new workforce.


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